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01/17/09 05:23 PM #38    

Jack Gibbs

Hello all. I'm not sure if anyone will remember me or not. It is great to see so many old classmates and friends in one place! I currently live in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Right now just trying to find my way around this site. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a very Happy 2009 New Year.

01/23/09 03:23 PM #39    

Michael Ostergaard

Hey Jack! Who could forget you. Class clown and general Smart Ass. Happy New Year

01/23/09 03:27 PM #40    

Michael Ostergaard

Hey Scott, your slowing down on your picture scanning, get the lead out. haha

01/24/09 11:11 AM #41    

Jack Gibbs

Michael, how you doing bro?? I definetally need to come back and check in more often. It really is great to see everyone. Its funny, every time I get back down to the Kenosha area, I drive past Bradford. It seem like every corner of that place I look at brings back so memory or another. Can't believe that they polluted the place with 9th graders. lol. I figured (In my old age) what made that place so great. It wasn't the building, the classes, or the activities... It was all of you, my classmates. For me, that time will always bring a smile to my face, and I have everyone who reads this to thank for that. So, one and all, I thank you for the best times of my life.

02/01/09 11:37 AM #42    

Jack Gibbs

Happy Feburary 1st everyone~

02/04/09 08:49 PM #43    

Tara Tower (Quidzinski)

Hey everyone, I see that Jodi asked about the reunion for us... but I did not see a response? I can't wait to get together and see everyone and of course have a one or three or more drinks (Maybe Dave G will bring the tamborine)!!! Could anyone on this site let us know if we are getting together? Hope all is well.. and has anyone heard from Brian Cotton or Terrance Bell?? I have been waiting to hear from them. Oh does anyone remember Mr. Bultler from Bullen?? I did see him last summer.. wow he looks the same! Take care. Tara-ble

02/05/09 11:32 AM #44    

Michael Ostergaard

Everyone say hi to Ronnie Holly. She decided to join the computer generation

02/07/09 09:08 PM #45    

Peter Lohberger

Why isn't Jim Bezotte on our classmates list?

02/11/09 09:21 PM #46    

Scott Lofton

did he have a photo in the yearbook? the only way this list was compiled by don was from the yearbook

03/17/09 01:52 PM #47    

Laura Pride (Bouslaugh)

Do we have a date nailed down? It would really help those of us who will be traveling and need to make arrangements.

03/30/09 08:16 PM #48    

Jori Bishop

Hello All, Jori Bishop here. Most of you probably don't remember me, but all the names here are familiar to me. This site is awesome, great job Don. It was a total fluke that I found it, but now I can't stay away. It is great seeing what everyone is up to. I never made it to a reunion, but always wondered how they went. Hope this finds you all well. Hey Jack G. how the hell are ya?

04/08/09 10:53 AM #49    

Jack Gibbs

Just checking in again. Hope the beginning of spring finds everyone happy and outdoors. Jori, as always, it is an incredible pleasure to see ya here. I'm sure you are remember by alot of people.

04/14/09 06:22 PM #50    

Joseph Passarelli

Mr. Roders is still teaching!! I go back quite a bit. not many teachers left from back in the day. Mr. Biachetti stops in for lunch once in awhile. George Manasis works at Bank of Kenosha and still rides a bike to work all the time wearing his bowtie with pride.

05/02/09 11:55 AM #51    

Keith Furloni

I heard that the speach teacher Gary Shandler (my memory escapes me on his exact spelling maybe shaffer?) past away. can anyone confirm that. very sad if that is true, was a good teacher.

05/05/09 07:58 AM #52    

Joan Pacetti

I know that Mr.Aslakson (Oz) still teaches (I think history)and is still the track coach.

07/02/09 01:04 AM #53    

Amy Litkey (Kaelber)

Whose all going to the reunion???? Whose all golfing????

07/02/09 01:58 AM #54    


Don Coolidge

I can't golf but I will be at the reunion!!!

07/08/09 05:05 AM #55    

Marie Gates (Reed)

My daughter will be a junior this fall. At conferences one of her teachers said Mrs. Stallman would be retiring at the end of the school year. (2008-2009) I love the website!! Great to be able to talk chat with old friends that moved out of state. Thanks Don, great job!!! <3

07/14/09 11:59 PM #56    

Amy Hernandez (Maack)

OK so I'm letting the "cat out of the bag" - I have dial-up - and have been waiting for a moment to get on the website when I can wait for pages to load. (And yes - I only know how to dial my cell phone - the teenagers had to show me how to put in my addresses and use the camera. I also take hundreds of digital pictures but don't know how to load them onto our computer) "Technologically-impaired" and okay with it.

Anyhoo...once I "download" the form and "print" it off I'll send in my reservation for the reunion:)

07/23/09 04:30 PM #57    

Laura Pride (Bouslaugh)

After convincing my hubby it's a chance to get out of town without the kids, I made our travel arrangements. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

08/02/09 03:14 PM #58    


Shamima Rashid (Amin)

Excellent work so far. I love to see everybody picture since I cann't recall everybody's name. Remember everybody, "Beauty lays within your self".
I believe I didn't like my senior picture too much. How about anybody else? It's hard to believe twenty years went bye.
Shamima Rashid-Amin

08/13/09 02:00 PM #59    


Don Coolidge

Once you find people on here you might find them on facebook. Look me up I have alot of people there on my list as friends.

08/26/09 06:30 AM #60    

Kelly Dahl (Wallander)

Did anyone do a headcount Friday night or Saturday night?

04/21/11 12:16 PM #61    

Krisan Larson (Knapp)

I just received word that George Pryble passed away.  Very sad news!  May he rest in peace. 

02/24/14 03:51 PM #62    


Roger Jurgens

Vegas baby! Vegas! Sin city for the 25 year reunion, hell yes count me the F**n in.

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